About Me

My journey to self empowerment started after I left high school. Even though I followed what was “expected” to be the norm, spending most of my adult life working at a government department, I kept on pushing my personal limits.  Going far beyond what was expected of me earned me a lot of flattering “titles” such as: Perfectionist, meticulous, determined, conscientious, creative, open-minded, self motivated, enthusiastic, resourceful and the like, yet at my core, and even though I had received numerous merit awards for work done over and beyond what was expected of me, I knew there was more to life than what I was living.  In my search I studied Adult Education and Training, Business Management, Communication and Feng Shui. There had to be more than just repeating the daily routine that I grew to accept as “my life”.

Countless years of repeating the same routine taught me one very important lesson in life; if you know what your life is worth, you need to go out and fight for it, because if you don’t do it, no one is going to do it for you.

So that’s exactly what I did…

I left my comfort zone and the routine life I had created for myself, and ventured into the unknown to not only search for myself, but also to find the happiness and fulfillment that I was yearning for. I went on to complete numerous courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling and Laughter Wellness, resulting in a doctorate degree in Metaphysics and ordination.

This gave me new energy, a new outlook on life and a renewed enthusiasm that I was determined to share with everyone that may be interested.

In Summary: I see myself as a free spirit and therefore, do not to associate myself to any specific religion.  Choosing instead to respect all religions, and people’s individual choice to follow whichever one best suits them. I am passionate about equality, compassion, tolerance, patience, honesty and most especially empowerment. It then goes without saying that some of my pet peeves include hypocrisy, victimization, greed, corruption, and any kind of abuse in any way, manner or form.

My aim in life is to be a spiritual lighthouse offering hope, love and understanding, in a world that sorely needs this.  It is said that you need to be the change you want to see in the world… and that is what I am doing my best at being!


One of the main things many people don’t quite understand is that when we give, we create an energy of reciprocity to receive in return.  Plainly stated, the more we give the more we become open to receive.  Many take their good fortune for granted, when the truth of the matter is that everything we have is temporary.  No-one can say with 100% certainty that what they have today will still be there tomorrow.  History is filled with tales and stories of the mighty who have fallen in the blink of an eye.

The point I am making is that there are many less fortunate who have simply been “dealt a bad hand in life” and who, despite all their efforts, have fallen from grace and been denied their livelihood.

For this reason I have decided to commit myself to numerous projects to aid and assist those who need help the most. Some of these projects include; assisting at a soup kitchen, making blankets for needy children, and from time to time, providing my services pro-bono.

There are many ways in which everyone can become involved in these projects, those who want to give back and continue the spirit of giving, please contact me for more information.

At Love-Live-Laugh Coaching we believe in freedom of choice and the power that comes from individualism (we respect each individual’s model of the world.)  hence the logo is not of any religious nature.

The triad in our logo represents the body, mind and spirit, infinitely entwined together and in perfect balance and harmony. This is our goal for each of our clients: to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives.

Love-Live-Laugh Coaching aims to empower our clients to live their best lives, in both their personal capacity and in their work environment.

Statistics show that in traditional therapy, there is only a 38% recovery rate after 600 sessions, while with Transpersonal Coaching (which includes Evolved Coaching and Hypnosis) there is a 93% success rate, after as little as 6 sessions.

A client is only a client when they fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • You must WANT the help.
    In other words, it needs to be your own personal decision to seek advice and coaching. No one can decide it for you.
  • You need to be INVESTED in the process.
    If there is no commitment from your side then the positive change will only be a temporary experience.
  • You must be WILLING to surrender and trust in the coaching process.
    This is simply because the same mentality that created the challenge or difficulty cannot be used to resolve it. A new approach and method of thinking is necessary to overcome the challenge.
  • You need to know what OUTCOME it is that you are after.
    The whole process is designed to assist you to achieve what YOU want to get out of the coaching, not what others want for you.As the facilitator of change, I (as the coach) should not be part of the problem / challenge.

To find out more and get started on your journey use the contact page or call.


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