We may not always think about it but if we stop and think for a moment we will notice that numbers play a huge role throughout every aspect of our lives. We are off to a good start when we understand that numbers cycles exist within all of nature and throughout the Universe.

As our understanding of mathematics progresses and we better grasp the natural energetic concepts of the basic numbers (1- 9) it is easy to see that Numbers play into daily life in far less complicated ways than we expect.


Numerology can be used to determine the following:

There are many other aspects to numerology, which I do not personally use for two reasons  – 1 the report becomes very cluttered and somewhat difficult to easily understandable, and it is beyond the scope of the services offered by Love-Live-Laugh

While I am by no means a mathematician, the practical numerology I have learned has proven to indeed be highly accurate. Clients have greatly benefited by the information it has revealed, and use it as a guideline to enhance their spiritual lives.

A quick side note: On the very odd occasion, people my feel that the information in the report does not sum them up. This is simply because as human beings, we have been given free will. This applies to every aspect of our lives including whether we choose to follow the pre-chosen numerological blueprint of our lives, or not. The more in tune we are with our higher self, the more the information provided by our numbers will resonate with us.

When reading the characteristics of your numbers, you may feel that certain traits, talents, or abilities don’t apply to you. It isn’t uncommon for these characteristics to present themselves in the years to come once you’ve learned to overcome the challenges that prevent you from being your true, authentic self. On the other hand, we often don’t see certain traits, talents, and abilities present in ourselves, yet you other people may well have noticed them. That said; it pays to ask someone who knows you well, such as a family member, partner, or friend, for his or her opinion. Oftentimes, this person will confirm that those characteristics really do exist in you.

Regardless of our lives circumstances and other outside influences, the numbers will automatically provide the necessary traits, strengths, and abilities to overcome adversity The more you trust your intuition, and follow your inner guidance, the easier it will be to reach your full numerological potential as your true, authentic self.