1 Anchoring Install an anchor as a relaxation technique.
2 Setting an achievable goal Setting goals in a non conventional way, which will make their achievement more likely.
3 Releasing a bad (negative) habit This is used to get rid of habits such as nail biting procrastination, etc.
4 Releasing anxiety Identifying and releasing the anxiety caused by fear of an upcoming event.
5 Eliminating Past Negative Emotions Releasing past negative emotions which no longer serve the client in a beneficial manner (anger, sadness, fear, guilt, resentment).
6 Determining and Deleting Limiting Beliefs/Decisions Identifying and deleting limiting beliefs or decisions that do not serve the client in a beneficial manner.
7 Changing a “Like” to a “Dislike” (or visa versa) This process is used to change eating habits (e.g. If you don’t like something which is healthy for you, the dislike can be altered to become something you enjoy eating.)
8 Parts Integration Allowing yourself to integrate two conflicting aspects of yourself to enable change  – smoking, procrastination, etc (e.g.: I want to quit smoking because I know it’s bad for me BUT I enjoy smoking because then I fit in socially)
9 Eliciting and changing a Key Focus Filter To change the “recording” through which your life is constantly filtering.
10 Hypnosis This is a deep relaxation technique used to relax the conscious mind which otherwise prevents us from accepting positive suggestions.
11 Re-inventing yourself Through this process you are coached how to set boundaries and re-invent yourself.


Workshops and Team Building Exercises

1 Laughter Wellness Fun activity with huge health, social, spiritual, mental and emotional benefits
2 Planting Seeds for Life Bootcamp Motivational presentation, laughter wellness, re-inventing yourself, setting achievable goals using the law of attraction, determining and “deleting” limiting beliefs, hypnosis, basic feng shui, visualization and meditation, creating a vision board, 4 steps to solving almost any problem, and more.
3 Using the Law of Attraction to your benefit How to set achievable goals and use the Law of Attraction to your benefit.
4 Basic Feng Shui Understanding what Feng Shui really is and how to implement the basic.
5 Creating a Vision Board Learn why creating a vision board brings you a step closer to having what you want, and how to make one that works for you.
6 Re-inventing Yourself Learn how to regain control of your life by re-inventing yourself and setting healthy boundaries.
7 Team Building Exercises Motivational presentation, laughter wellness, re-inventing yourself, setting achievable goals, determining and “deleting” limiting beliefs, 4 steps to solving almost any problem, and much more to strengthen the individual’s self-esteem, which will ultimately create a more effective team.


  • Each of our workshops boasts very positive feedback from our corporate clients, stating that on completion of the process, staff are:
  • More motivated
  • Believe in themselves and their abilities
  • Have an achievable goal on which to focus.
  • This translates to:
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Higher success rate (which ultimately benefits individual and businesses)