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Client Testimonials

A mutual acquaintance introduced me to Sandra Jansen van Rensburg from Quintessential Coaching about a year ago.  Through her personal breakthrough session, Sandra taught me how to set goals and that it’s okay to trust my higher-self.  I have benefited greatly by shedding all the unnecessary baggage I had been carrying around with me for years.  And deleting limiting beliefs is equally freeing – once you believe in yourself you can achieve your goals so much easier.  Since then I feel so much more relaxed and content.  Sandra also recently taught me a new manifestation technique which is absolutely marvelous.  I was seeing results within days of doing what Sandra suggested. I have greatly benefited from my sessions with Sandra, feel very excited about my future and will definitely recommend her service to others.  Sandra, thank you very much that you have walked this path with me.
Su Barr